10 grudnia 2010

O wychowaniu do podejmowania ryzyka

Z książki "Legal Risk In The Financial Markets", Roger McCormick, Oxford University Press, 2006:

"One head teacher recently complained that "so far as organising trips is concerned, our increasingly risk-averse, bureaucratic and lawyer-plagued culture means that many children are already being deprived of opportunities"

(Lenton, "Litigation, Litigation, Litigation", The Spectator, 18 Sept 2004).

"We, and especially politicians and the media, are all taking part in something of a deceit because we are teaching the next generation that risk doesn't exist... Don't play conkers in the playground, you might get hurt. Don't do backstroke in the swimming pool, you might bump into somebody. Don't take kids canoeing on Sunday, they might put you in the slammer... Unless we educate children about risk, get them to understand it, embrace it and exploit it, then we will fail as a nation".

(Sir Digby Jones, the Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry, in the speech to the National Association of Headteachers, 2 May 2005).