22 marca 2013

Golden Age of Scouting

« It is the first time in the history of scouting that associations from various countries show such a cohesion. In these groups, there are naturally all possible varieties and everyone remains himself in depth. By scouting, the necessary convergence is being done. By the same promise. By fronts looking up at the same Baussant flag. At this level, everything is common : the Three Principles, the Law, the text of prayers, the Carta, the Religious Directory, the method in fifteen points and the programme of training-camps. Everything symbolizes union and sign of friendship: ceremonial, badges, uniform. Everything announces the beautiful future that chiefs and young people have decided to open for True Scouting”.

Perig Geraud-Keraod, in « The European dimension », Maîtrises nr 34-35, June-July 1976

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